Text Book:

  • Rafael C. Gonzalez and Richard E. Woods, ''Digital Image Processing,'' Third Edition, Parsons Education, 2007

Reference Books:

  • W. K. Pratt, "Digital Image Processing," Third Edition, Wiley Inter-Science, 2001

  • A. K. Jain, "Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing," Prentice Hall, 1989

  • M. Petrou and P. Bosdogianni, "Image Processing - The Fundamentals," Wiley Inter-Science, 1999


  1. Introduction to Image Processing:  Lecture 1

  2. Fundamentals of Image Processing: Lecture 2

  3. Image Enhancement in Spatial Domain: Lecture 3

  4. Frequency Analysis of Image Signal: Lecture 4

  5. Image Restoration and Reconstruction: Lecture 5

  6. Color Image Processing: Lecture 6

  7. Wavelets and Image Processing

  8. Image Compression and Watermarking: Lecture 8

  9. Morphological Image Processing

  10. Image Segmentation

  11. Object Representation and Description

  12. Pattern Recognition from Image: Lecture_12

Sample Question for Exams:

Question in the final examination of the year 2011: Sample_Q11